Who We Are

Citizens Election Observers Network - Uganda (CEON-U) is a consortium of 15 civil society organizations and 3 associate members which have agreed to conduct a unified, comprehensive and effective domestic election observation mission for the 2016 general elections. The consortium's intervention is guided by the overarching need to: promote transparency and integrity, accountability as well as increase citizen participation in Uganda's electoral process.

Main objectives of CEON-U

  • To regularly and objectively document and expose issues related to or affecting the integrity of the electoral process.
  • To raise awareness and engage key stakeholders on electoral observation findings and recommendations.
  • To mitigate the potential for election related conflict.

Our Coverage

To successfully manage and implement the Election Observation Project, CEON- Uganda has divided the country into 16 regions. These regions will be represented by 23 Sub-National Organizations who will support the implementation of the CEON-Uganda activities at the regional level under the leadership of the CEON Steering Committee the operational support of CEON Coordination Unit.


Election Observation

Involves gathering information and making an informed judgement.

Election Monitoring

involves the authority to observe an election process and to intervene in that process if relevant laws or standard procedures are being violated or ignored.

Election Assessment

involves on-spot, preliminary evaluation of the conditions within which elections will take place.


That is third-party intervention in electoral disputes, directed at assisting disputants to find a mutually acceptable outcomes and solutions to electoral disputes.

Technical Assistance

Which generally takes the form of technical support and advice to the Electoral Commission.

Supervision and Audit

Which involves the process of certifying the validity of all or some of the steps in election processes either prior to or after the election has taken place.